Maximus 3D printer

Yes…. I’m an addict… to the best drug ever… going for the rush of adrenaline…. searching for the kick that something you designed just can appear from nowhere with a 3D printer.


3D printing with a frame mainly for milling isn’t ideal because off high moving masses and not build for quick speeds. Also I have some ideas that are nice for small series production. That is why I started with designing a printer named Maximus that fulfill all my needs.

Maximus must:

  • 4 hotends that can print individual and simultanous print at pitch
  • bed size 600x400mm
  • print height 400mm
  • controller ramps based
  • autonomous printing from SD
  • easy interface (touchscreen?? )
  • print speed up to 120mm/s
  • hotend temperature up to 280°C
  • bed temperature up to 120°C
  • room temperature up to 50°C
  • fume extraction with heat exchanger