CNC portal

In 2015 I started to fill in a long term dream of having my own CNC mill. Desktop format is more than enough because most operations are PCB related. This time it was a copy action of the China versions I saw, only scaled a bit bigger to suit my needs. After some thinking the machine must be able to do a lot more. Months playing with parts and dimensions there was on paper a model thet suits the demands on a bed of 600 x 400 x 200.

The CNC portal design is able to:

  • mill/drill
  • 3D printing
  • laser engrave (maybe light cut)
  • apply solder paste
  • pick & place components


Because a friend who earlier said to mill the aluminium parts wasn’t able to do that anymore, I first made a version out of MDF. Rough outline sowed panels from the DIY market gave a good base. The rest is saw by hand and holes with a cordless power drill. Nice on this process was that I learned that design was good in having rough make tolerances.HuidigeMDFversie


Some figures:

  • Power: 24VDC 16.5 A
  • Interface board: XHC mk4-IV (mach3)
  • Steppers: Nema 23
  • Drivers: TBY
  • XY guide: 20mm supported rod
  • XY drive: 16×4 ball spindle
  • Z guide: 16mm rod
  • Z drive: 12×4 ball spindle
  • XHC cordles handwheel