PCB workstation

From the age of 14 I make my own PCB’s and after getting the virus to put an Arduino on everything I began designing my own PCB workstation. Soon the station got an update of a oven to work also as reflow oven.


The heart of this system is an Arduino Nano on a special board designed by me. The basics from this I use a lot so I can easy change one if there is a problem. For this print I added 4 relays to switch al the 240 VAC.


The functions are:

Exposure lamp: 4 UV tubes from an old facial browner are switched on for a fixed period of 90 seconds.

Etch tank: The tank, a flower vase, is heated by an aquarium heater for a temperature between 40 – 45°C. Lighted with led to see where etch is ready. Air generated with an aquarium pump blows out of a short electricity tube with 50 small holes.

Reflow Oven: In the needed stages an old kitchen oven is heated by an SSR to the desired temperature measured by a PT100.

IMG_7026 IMG_4224

Soon all the files as program, circuits and parts are available for download.